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In Tampa, Florida Revita Oil CBD provides clients with an organic, full-spectrum, lab-tested CBD oil.

By utilizing our proprietary formula, clients may experience significant reductions in inflammation, oxidation, and anxiety, while regulating blood pressure and blood sugar.

If you’re not yet aware, CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the two primary compounds in the ‘hemp’ aka cannabis plant.

The more famous compound is THC (tetra-hydro-cannabinol). THC is a very ‘psycho-active’ compound, meaning that it can make you ‘high.’ While THC can be effective for pain, sleep, and other ailments, it’s ‘high’ effects are not welcome by many people.

For those seeking natural relief from anxiety, inflammation, and other ailments, without ‘high’ effects, CBD has proven to be an effective option.

CBD is absorbed by your body’s Endocannabinoid system. This system is part of your central nervous system and regulates homeostasis–aka our body’s ability to heal naturally.

When this system is well-nourished, we are able to regulate emotion, inflammation, immune system function and more. Unfortunately, drugs, stress, and common toxic chemicals deplete this system over time. When our bodies run low on cannabinoids illnesses and diseases result.

Thankfully, with plant-based cannabinoids, we can naturally replenish our body’s healing systems and enjoy the benefits.

RevitaOil offers clients proven CBD products including soap, dog treats, and tinctures in Tampa, Florida. And again, unlike “medical marijuana” products that contain THC, RevitaOil CBD will not induce “high” effects.

If you’re seeking an organic, full-spectrum, lab-tested CBD product in Tampa, Florida, RevitaOil is a clean, effective, and reliable option. Our clients receive ‘farm-to-patient’ CBD products with maximum potency, fresh taste, and certified milligram levels. Third party laboratories ensure that what you and your family are taking is free of toxins and full of healing potential.

If you are in Tampa, Florida, and want to feel more balanced, reduce inflammation, and improve your body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, and blood pressure, contact RevitaOil CBD in Tampa today.

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